Press Release: BHG Opens New Facility In Colorado Springs

We’re proud to announce that today we’ve opened a new facility in Colorado Springs in our continued commitment to ensure that every patient seeking opioid addiction treatment has access to comprehensive, personalized evidence-based treatment. Our new Colorado Springs center is the first in the city to offer full-spectrum evidence-based opioid addiction treatment. Read the full press release below, originally published via PR Newswire.

Opioid addiction, or opioid use disorder (OUD), is a complex disease that unfortunately has not been adequately treated over the years. In 2018, more than 540 Coloradans died from opioid overdose, many of which could have been avoided with proper treatment. BHG’s treatment approach, which centers on medication-assisted treatment (MAT)— the gold standard for OUD treatment—has been proven to help patients achieve long-term recovery. 99% of BHG patients reported that their mental health and quality of life have improved since starting treatment and more than 60% of unemployed patients obtain employment after one year of treatment at a BHG facility.

“At BHG, we understand that opioid use disorder is a chronic disease of the brain that requires evidence-based treatment and management,” said Amanda Malone-White, Regional Director of Colorado at BHG. “We are now bringing the full spectrum of opioid treatment services, including behavioral and medical therapies, to those living with opioid addiction in Colorado Springs, so they can safely access the treatment and support they need to achieve long-term recovery during this difficult time when they may be needing it most.”

The BHG Colorado Springs Treatment Center provides MAT in an outpatient setting, including all FDA-approved OUD medications, allowing patients to receive treatment while continuing their daily lives. The new BHG Center will be the first in Colorado Springs to offer comprehensive outpatient OUD treatment options personalized to the needs of each patient—from counseling alone to intensive outpatient care that combines medication with more rigorous counseling and behavioral therapy.

“As our country faces two public health crises concurrently—the coronavirus pandemic and the opioid epidemic—we understand that many people in addiction recovery or who are seeking treatment may be concerned about being able to access care,” said Jay Higham, CEO of BHG. “We are committed to providing treatment that upholds the highest standards of care to those who need it, and we’re proud to open our Colorado Springs treatment center doors to bring our best in class treatment to more people during these trying times.”

In light of COVID-19, BHG is continuing to put the safety of its patients and staff first and are complying with all federal and state regulations, from disinfection methods to telecounseling. For a full updated list of BHG’s protective measures against COVID-19, please visit our coronavirus response page.

The new facility in Colorado Springs, which is the sixth BHG treatment center in Colorado, is located at 4157 Centennial Blvd. CO Springs, CO 80907. To learn more about the facility and its hours of operation, please visit the center’s page or call 719-598-9750.


See the full press release on PR Newswire.


For more information on our COVID-19 protocols, please see our COVID-19 response. If you are seeking more information on opioid use disorder treatment for yourself or a loved one, please visit or call 844-535-7291 for resources and support.

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