Is methadone related in any way to the “meth” that one sees in the news? | Opioid Addiction Treatment Services

Absolutely not. Methadone is in no way related to “meth,” which is the nickname for methamphetamine. Methadone is a legal opioid produced by pharmaceutical companies for the relief of pain and for use in the treatment of opioid abuse. Methamphetamine – or “crystal meth” as it is commonly known – is a non-opioid, illegal stimulant and drug of addiction (i.e., “crank” or “speed”). It is typically manufactured in rural areas (or in other countries and imported illegally) in illegal “meth labs.” The effects of the two drugs could not be more different. In much the same way that hydrocortisone and hydrocodone have absolutely nothing in common beyond the prefix “hydro” in their name (the former is a topical ointment for allergic reactions and the latter is an opioid), methadone and methamphetamine have nothing in common beyond the first syllable in their names.

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Q: How do you treat someone with an addiction?

Behavioral Health Group provides opiate addiction treatment services in an outpatient setting. There are two essential aspects to treatment Medication-assisted treatment using methadone, the “gold standard” for treating serious opioid addiction, to combat the physical effects of the addiction. The patient's physical addiction must be stabilized first in order to begin effective behavioral therapy.   […]


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During the past six months Methadone Maintenance Treatment has helped me out a lot. I have been able to accomplish a lot more and save a lot of money. The staff, especially my counselor, has been great about helping me deal with personal issues. This is a great treatment facility and I would not have […]