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Opioid addiction affects all communities. Having an addiction treatment center in your community means people suffering from addiction are being treated instead of ignored.

Information for Communities

Untreated opioid addiction is devastating to individuals and harmful to communities:


“The financial costs of untreated opiate dependence to the individual, the family, and society are estimated to be approximately $20 billion per year.”

National Institutes of Health (NIH). Effective Medical Treatment of Opiate Addiction. NIH Consensus Statement 1997 November 17 – 19; 15(6):7,11.

In addition to treating opioid addiction in individuals, opioid treatment programs improve the communities they serve. In fact, the presence of an opioid treatment program, such as BHG, is statistically linked to reduced community criminal activity:


“The science is overwhelming in its findings about methadone treatment’s effectiveness. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study found, for example, that methadone treatment reduced participants’ heroin use by 70%, their criminal activity by 57%, and increased their full-time employment by 24%.”

McCaffrey, Barry, Statement of ONDCP Director Barry McCaffrey on Mayor Giuliani’s Recent Comments on Methadone Therapy, (Press Release) (Washington, DC: ONDCP), July 24, 1998.

Positive impacts of having an addiction treatment facility in a community include: a reduction in communicable diseases, a reduction in criminal activity, a reduction in emergency room visits related to opioid abuse, improved family stability, improved pregnancy outcomes, and a decrease in mortality rates associated with opioid abuse. Treatment facilities don’t attract addicts, they treat them. Every community already has addicts living in it – people from all walks of life. Help us help them. BHG acts as a good neighbor to improve the lives and communities of those we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Shouldn’t people be able to “just quit?”

It is extremely difficult to overcome a drug addiction. Many have tried to “just quit,” but unfortunately, typically fail. Because of the physical effects of prolonged drug usage, the body has become chemically dependent on the very thing it should avoid. We have consistently found, and independent research proves, that by combining medication-assisted treatment with […]


Words From Our Patients:

The methadone maintenance program at BHG has helped me tremendously to stay off heroin, and my counselor is great. She is down to earth, and I feel that she knows me. Without this program, I would surely be dead sooner or later, and it is helping me with my relationship with my fiancé.