Why is BHG for-profit?

This question could be applied to many different types of healthcare companies. Why are physicians and many hospitals for profit? Why are dialysis centers and insulin manufacturers for profit? As is true for many healthcare and social services, it is not only appropriate, but preferable, to have for-profit providers as an option for patients, for many reasons:


Higher competitiveness is one reason that the private sector succeeds in healthcare. The private sector is often more efficient (and, thus, lower cost) than the public/non-profit sector. In BHG's case, instead of relying on donations or taxpayer revenue to exist, our treatment facilities must be self-sustaining. As a result, we are very diligent when it comes to site selection and maintaining efficient operations. This also keeps us focused on customer satisfaction and on providing effective, prompt, and courteous service to patients. As a result, patient outcomes and satisfaction scores for private, for-profit entities often surpass those of public or non-profit entities.


In addition, BHG is built to last. If a non-profit or government program runs out of donations or taxpayer revenue, they are forced out of business. As a self-sustaining, for-profit business, we will be able to continue to serve our patients regardless of outside circumstances. We'll be here for our patients as long as they need us.

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