The BHG brand highlights our commitment to individuals and our communities: Hope, Respect, and Caring. Our mission statement compels us to restore lives, strengthen families, and rejuvenate communities. These core principles by which we operate should remind us the ALL people deserve hope for their future, are worthy of respect, and can thrive when they are truly cared for.



At BHG, we believe that black lives matter, that all humans are created equal, and that we are at our best when we embrace our unique differences. We also recognize that people of color often lack access to medication-assisted treatment, critical mental health services, and healthcare services in general. We must pledge to be intentional and proactive in our outreach to all underserved populations in our communities, and to continue the fight for access to care.


Actively advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace allows all employees to feel accepted and valued. When this happens, individuals are happier in their workplace and often stay longer with a company. Encouraging diversity and inclusion brings other benefits to a thriving workplace as well:

    • Expanded Creativity and problem-solving: A diverse workforce brings a wide array of experiences, skills, perspectives, and insights to problem-solving. Diversity increases innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking.


    • Better decision-making: Diverse groups of team members pull from a wider range of sources and experiences. They are better informed and make sounder decisions, leading to improved results for the organization.


    • Increased profitability and productivity: Ambitious professionals are more attracted to companies who encourage diversity and inclusion. This can result in a more motivated, efficient workforce, as well as increased productivity and profitability.


    • Enhanced employee engagement and retention: Team members are more engaged in welcoming work cultures. They are also more loyal and apt to stay longer at companies where their unique contributions are recognized and respected.


    • Better company reputation: When organizations promote diversity, they are perceived as more relatable, socially responsible and humane by a greater number of people. This can improve brands, leading to new customers, partnerships, and markets.

For all the reasons that diversity and inclusion are important to us, we’ve outlined several steps to guide us as we move forward:


The company’s policy is to create and support a diverse and inclusive workforce, both in our corporate office and in our treatment centers. We want a team that is reflective of the population we serve, and we want to offer all interested individuals the prospect of internal advancement with BHG. We are committed to continually assessing our compensation structure and practices related to career advancement to ensure opportunity for all of our employees.

We are proud of the diversity that has been built into the leadership team. At the board and advisory board level, 33% are women or minorities; at the executive management level, 42% are women or minorities; and at the middle management level, 72% are women or minorities.



Establishing a diversity and inclusion training program for the organization is instrumental as we look to increase respectful and positive interactions in the workplace. The training will include a leadership track as well as an employee learning track. We will continuously assess our learning and development training needs to keep them relevant.


Our commitment to our patients and one another is tied inextricably to our commitment to the communities we serve. This philosophy is based on the premise the every for-profit company not only has an obligation to its employees, customers, and investors, but also to communities we serve. To start, we recently mad a sizable donation to the City of Dallas, asking the mayor to invest in programs and policies that promote racial sensitivity, social justice, and the elimination of related gender inequities.



We work with many vendors across the country. Moving forward, we will prioritize vendors who have documented diversity and inclusion policies in place. This includes contractors for building projects, suppliers, and those who provide cleaning and maintenances of our facilities. We will make every effort to support women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses in the future. We will also assess our current vendor relationships, ensuring they’re aligned with our views on racial justice and equality.



Because we’re a growing company, each employee is a key stakeholder. making decision everyday that directly impact our overall vision and direction. As a company, talent and passion power everything we do. We take pride in our employee’s creativity, diversity, and relentless drive to innovate.