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Behavioral Health Group (BHG) Opens improved BHG San Antonio Treatment Center in Texas

Dallas, Texas – Michael Cannizzaro, Behavioral Health Group (BHG) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, announced the opening of the BHG San Antonio Treatment Center in San Antonio, TX at 519 E Quincy Street between McCullough Ave and Brooklyn Ave. “This is the second of our facilities to move into new and improved offices. The opening of this facility in its new location further demonstrates our commitment to drive continuous improvement in all we do as well as our commitment to building relationships with the communities that we serve,” said Cannizzaro.


Dwight Mussleman, BHG Chief Development Officer, said, “As part of our focus on building the BHG brand and investing in our facilities, the location in San Antonio, TX continues our new standard for our family of opioid treatment centers. This facility in San Antonio includes additional parking, better patient flow, faster service from our staff, additional treatment space, and overall better patient care. BHG will continue to upgrade, improve, and relocate, as necessary, BHG Treatment Centers throughout its network of outpatient opioid treatment facilities.”


BHG’s Regional Director, Steven Campbell said, “When patients enter our new BHG facility in San Antonio, TX, they will quickly realize they are walking into a professional medical practice where they can expect to receive the same level of care they would in any medical office. Our staff is dedicated to helping each patient achieve their best level of functioning in the community while at the same time ensuring that patients and their families experience a sense of hope, respect, and caring.”


Jessica Boyd, Acting Program Director for BHG San Antonio, said, “Our treatment center staff is excited to take possession of this new, larger facility, which will allow us to deliver excellent patient care and provide enhanced support to ensure that our patients progress efficiently through their recovery process.” A formal ribbon cutting and open house will take place later this year.

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Q: Are you just substituting one drug for another?

No. Methadone maintenance therapy is much like using “The Patch” or nicotine gum to quit smoking. Cigarette smokers are addicted to nicotine. It is exceedingly difficult to quit smoking by going “cold turkey.” So, instead, many people use “The Patch” or nicotine gum to regulate and control their nicotine cravings while they learn to live […]


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I was taking 25 Hydrocodone a day and 3 to 4 OxyContin. I was ready to stop and clean myself up. I went to (residential) rehab for 6 months and got out and went right back. I came to BHG, and after about 6 months I was off the drugs and on my way to […]