BHG Counselor Supervisor, Annie Battley, Speaks at Medication Assisted Treatment Conference

BHG Nashville Counselor Supervisor, Annie Battley, recently participated as a panelist at the Medication Assisted Treatment Conference hosted by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse on September 24, 2018. Speaking on the Combined Learning Panel, Annie fielded questions by attendees and discussed the importance of integrated care for patients struggling with substance abuse issues. Other important topics discussed by the panel included education about the role of counseling and support services within medication-assisted treatment as well as the need to continue efforts in destigmatizing addiction by recognizing addiction as a disease that can be treated rather than a moral failure. Fellow panelist included Stephen Loyd, M.D. and Erica Schlesinger, PharmD. The panel was moderated by Paul Fuchar, Executive Director for CADAS.

Speaking about her experience on the panel, Annie said, “It was an honor to be sitting alongside so many distinguished people in the addiction and MAT community. I believe the audience, myself included, walked away with a better understanding of the importance of integrated care for the addiction population.” Annie represented BHG well and we are grateful that she was able to contribute to this important dialogue.

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