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Behavioral Health Group Announces Acquisition of Two Opioid Treatment Programs in Northeast Texas

DALLAS, TX, December 7, 2012 /PitchEngine,, — Behavioral Health Group (BHG) announced today the acquisition of two opioid treatment programs (OTPs) in Northeast Texas in early December. The programs are located in the cities of Center and Lufkin.


“There are numerous patients to be served in these greater metropolitan areas. We are proud to add these specific programs to our Texas presence,” said Dwight Mussleman, BHG’s Chief Development Officer.


“Over the coming weeks, we will be working with each center’s staff to integrate their programs into the BHG Network of treatment facilities,” said Jim Draudt, BHG’s Chief Operating Officer.


About Behavioral Health Group


Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services. BHG utilizes pharmacotherapy (maintenance and detoxification) and behavioral therapy (counseling) to treat both the bio-chemical and psycho-social aspects of addiction. In doing so, BHG offers its patients their best shot at successful recovery. With more than 25 outpatient treatment centers across the midwest/south/southeast, BHG provides a critical service to thousands of individuals and their communities across the country. BHG’s treatment centers are accredited by The Joint Commission.


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Behavioral Health Group Contact: James F. Draudt, COO

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